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More advanced feast, banquet, often need breed of beverage of water of wine of two kinds of above, deserve to have cold, hot, seafood, soup, a thick soup, sweet, salty, fry, braise, gather up, the different course such as decoct is tasted. Accordingly, below the following kinds of circumstances, need changes in time small tableware, appliance. The preparative work before the banquet should want place article equipment is neat stand-by.

1, dish of bone dish bone is changed to call eat dish in Western-style food in have dinner. Guest is in have dinner process, encounter have a circumstance a few times to need to change bone dish: When always eating super-cooling dish to change course taking heat; Every has installed fishlike smell alimental bone dish, when eating other type cooked food again; When with juice Gorgon euryale each different, flavour has other cooked food; Occurrence bone dish is aspersed fall when wine water, beverage; Bone dish is put, next, from the guest left remove has used bone dish. When removing dish cannot across is folded remove.

2, when ashtray guest have dinner is being changed in have dinner, the ashtray a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces on eat stage keeps clean from beginning to end, the ashtray that the client has used should dismiss in time. Dismiss the method of ashtray is: Press with clean ashtray put on has used ashtray, remove two ashtray at the same time; Be in clean ashtray replace formerly again next. Can prevent to be being taken so when taking has used ashtray, wave fall cigarette ash.

3, before removing short-haired pelt towel and napkin guest to use a fruit, should will brush hand towel (use heat in the winter, summer is used lukewarm) give with guest, after the guest has been used, answer to get off in time with towel clip eat stage. If should be taken away together with towel dish,remove. Guest have dinner ends after leaving place, answer to evacuate napkin eat platform first before removing dinner service.

4, banquet of the dish that remove bone, small soup bowl undertakes when finally, should be the phase that sails upstream to reach tea if really. Sailing upstream before fruit dish, small dinner service that should attend eat stage undertakes clearing, clearing in the process, the bone dish that uses site taking course, small soup bowl is removed, change place a fruit to eat fork of dish and fruit knife, fruit.

5, remove dish dish remove dish dish it is to master in sail upstream to advance if really row. Sail upstream before fruit, the incomplete course that can attend eat stage dish remove clean, when be necessary, can do simple eat table to clear, put the fruit after that at eat stage in the center.

6, ashtray is removed when removing ashtray to control a station, answer to do fire prevention safety to check first, look to whether have the stub that did not go out, if have, should undertake put out a fire is handled. Remove ashtray application to be a separate order that remove a stand.
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