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Restaurant greets a guest to take " expression " : "Laugh " should compare " cry
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"Smiling face " restaurant business is good do, "Cry face " restaurant or be rectified and reform actively or close... the our city began to tag wholesome state in hotel entrance paste last year " expressional face " , because the result is favorable, this job rose to be rolled out in unit of whole town all meal recently

Restaurant " expression " different mood is different

Do not look thin thin one Zhang Gong shows sheet, "Smiling face " , " cry face " might but not small. Pilot at the beginning of, the flourishing section that the hotel that wholesome supervisory branch chooses focuses relatively in meal unit, industry competition is original intense, "Complexion " stick, the business of each restaurant has had very quickly have bad.

Yesterday midday, the reporter comes to street of Beijing University of old the city zone. From last year the bottom will begin in August, the edge street restaurant here is unified belt " expression " greet a visitor, among them 15 those who stick is " smiling face " , stuck 3 times " without expressional face " . Because tableware disinfects container of non-standard, rubbish,do not have airtight etc, still 2 restaurant were affixed " cry face " .

"Affix ' smiling face ' hind, every month wants door of Ministry of Public Health new appraise sth through discussion, we are very careful, be afraid of only desertioned the honor of this hard-earned. " the wine shop manager with a good business says, "Smiling face " it is restaurant take a settle or live in a strange place " gold-lettered signboard " , beautiful money also is bought do not come, now everyday in the evening without giving thought to much busier much evening, he asks chef does well the kitchen is wholesome, be being urged newly into employee go handling healthy card.

"Affix ' cry face ' hind, we undertake rectifying and reform for a short while. Although ' cry face ' stuck a month only, but the client decreased many. " boss of inn of a chaffy dish has experience ground greatly to say.

According to introducing, as a result of,have a hotel here " cry face " do not have all the time by pick off, business go from bad to worse, had closed easy advocate.

Clerk of a noodle shop says Taiyuan way: "We still are now ' without expressional face ' , but we are being rectified and reform actively, wholesome state is improved somewhat, hope next time appraise through comparison can be taken ' smiling face ' . Hope next time appraise through comparison can be taken ' smiling face ' ..

Deadbeat looks " face " have a meal to be used to

Yesterday midday, citizen Zhang Xinhua is taking a family to go times cate square has a meal. After comparing a few restaurant, they chose an area finally " smiling face " restaurant. He says: "Outside going out, have a meal to should pay attention to sanitation most, have ' smiling face ' the first selection that the restaurant of the mark is us. Have ' smiling face ' the first selection that the restaurant of the mark is us..
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