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Serve the examination room on worker of hotel of class of star of travel of skil
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"Please will ' Excuse Me, where Is The Washroom? ' this word is translated into Chinese. " one takes an examination of an official to say to examinee. "The means of this word: Disturb, where is closet? The answer ends. " a clerk replies. This will be on December 3 the reporter travels in Xining city the one act that service of worker of astral class hotel sees on skill contest.

On December 3, worker of hotel of class of star of Xining city travel serves skill contest to kick off, this the contest is a of big training of winter of industry of Xining city travel serious content, the worker delegate of 20 hotel restaurant played the game, the problem that they serve the place in reaching meal to serve to involve with respect to guest room and practice operation skill launched a contest.

According to Xining city tourism bureau concerns chief introduction, the education of service skill talent, there is decisive effect in tourism development, strengthen travel industry to serve skill talent team to build in the round, raise worker of astral class hotel to serve skill level, it is to accelerate raise restaurant core competition ability, appeal and the objective requirement that retain long evolution. The end that holds this contest is to travel industry extensive staff builds a development eye shot, platform that shows ability, choose loves hillock one batch to respect the service qualified personnel with course of study, masterly skill, the whole that drives restaurant of travel system hotel to serve skill level thereby rises.

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