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The adherent bilge on the dress, it is via dissolving after dry-clean in solvent, or suspension is in solvent, although these dissolvent can continue to use, but because much dirt component is contained in solvent, very big to catharsis effect impact. For this, dry-clean confidential washs dirty solvent cleanup to handle ceaselessly, this filters with respect to need and distillation. Filter is the heart component of dry-clean machine, whether to use proper, quality of immediate impact catharsis. The use of in principle filter must want those who have diatomite or active carbon to deserve to cooperate. If do not have diatomite, use filter also with respect to the meaning not quite. Because of general screen pack (divide) of paper filter core, can hold off the downy impurity in dirty fluid only, to pigment and oil kind material cannot have effect, be like need not diatomite and use colander, jam extremely easily screen pack, bring needless trouble.

At present domestic and international manufacturer uses centrifugal type filter basically, use convenient, the effect is better. The accretion of general diatomite the method is: Draw catharsis liquid first wash clothes the crock comes formulary fluid, press formulary general ration next (0.5, Lkg) diatomite is joined catch market implement (button is collected implement) , open circular fluid pump to undertake circular filtering agreement 1, 2 minutes can. The diatomite keep in storage of such enroll is in filter. From the economy consideration of catharsis, can consider as the dissolvent of similar beer lubricious diaphaneity cleanness normally. After the diatomite classics that joins filter is used, also answer timely change. Inspect particular case commonly and decide. Because the dress of place dry-clean is clean degree is differ those who reach operation method is different. The diatomite spendable time that adds accordingly is different also. After general classics catharsis is used, filter pressure can lift gradually, when discharge is reduced apparently, ask an operation to clean colander pushbutton, make filter core rotates, make beforehand apply arranges combination afresh in the diatomite on screen pack, make its continue to use. If be after this, filter pressure continues to lift again, chromaticness does not have the dissolvent after passing filter to change apparently, can change diatomite. Before changing commonly first filter inside put fluid to discharge 1/2 left and right sides, operate clear filter pushbutton again next (about 1 minute of) , make the dirty content on screen pack abluent, emit into dirty catharsis fluid entirely finally distillation box.

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