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House of Chengdu jade Lin Bin
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Hotel name: House of Chengdu jade Lin Bin
Address: One annulus of area of Chengdu fierce Hou south the road 3 paragraphs 9
Surroundings: Park of fierce Hou ancestral temple, folk-custom, bright and beautiful in
Retail sales price: ¥ stands 460 yuan originally valence: ¥ 190 yuan
Book a phone: 15882262877 contacts of 028-15828271082   : Collect young lady Mr Chen
Online seek advice: QQ:453002518

Hotel introduction:

Exterior of house of Chengdu jade Lin Bin House of Chengdu jade Lin Bin is big Guest room of shop of Chengdu jade Lin Bin
The exterior Big Guest room

House of Chengdu jade Lin Bin, found 1980, the course leaves the effort of of one mind more than 20 years on guesthouse, construction becomes nowadays environment quiet and tastefully laid out, establishment is perfect, serve the gardens type hotel of considerate green.
The building of honoured guest business affairs of rich modern breath decorates warmth of convenient and luxurious, comfortable, colour but everything needed is ready of establishment of person, business affairs, central air conditioning, home is set to dial directly TV of phone, satellite to configure 24 hours of interface of monitor of newest liquid crystal screen, broadband, cold hot water to supply inside the building, breakfast of delicate Chinese style self-help, the brigade of the business affairs that is you provides the service of meticulously.
For convenient client, house of Chengdu jade Lin Bin sets travel bureau, do sth for sb travel, generation orders the service of one continuous line such as plane, train ticket, provide big, little assembly room, facilitate you hold the demand of different conference. Additional, wave beans of plain food shop, stone mill spends popular old brand the characteristic gust such as the village is plain dish, fastfood the house reposes within guesthouse, can go to the lavatory the plain dish that each tourist tastes famed far and near is fastfood.
Jade forest guesthouse is located in Chengdu the road austral people of gold a sector of an area and science and technology of one annulus road mouth of across of a street, leave downtown 5 minutes car Cheng, communication is easy, extend in all directions, be apart from the airport 20 minutes Cheng of half hours of car reachs car Cheng, railway station namely, be apart from century city to be able to exhibit a center newly 10 minutes car Cheng, border fierce Hou ancestral temple, hope river building park, Du Fu is careless the scenery such as hall, green Yang Gong scenic spot area, make you happy and forget to return.
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