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House of Chengdu China Xi Bin
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Hotel name: House of Chengdu China Xi Bin
Address: One annulus of area of Chengdu fierce Hou south the road 3 paragraphs add 1 13 numbers
Surroundings: Visit river park
Retail sales price: ¥ stands 480 yuan originally valence: ¥ 188 yuan
Book a phone: 15882262877 contacts of 028-15828271082   : Collect young lady Mr Chen
Online seek advice: QQ:453002518

Hotel introduction:

Exterior of house of Chengdu China Xi Bin House of Chengdu China Xi Bin is big Guest room of shop of Chengdu China Xi Bin

The exterior Big Guest room

House of Chengdu China Xi Bin is located in the whole nation's famed “ science and technology on ” of a street (south one annulus road 3 paragraphs 13) , have luxurious flatlet, luxurious level, domestic flatlet, advanced flatlet, advanced odd world, 24 hours of cold hot water are supplied; The assembly room that can hold 50 people 2; Can hold 200 people at the same time the banqueting hall of repast. Guesthouse is located in south the city mart, communication is very easy. Be apart from double shed an International Airport 15 minutes, be apart from international exhibition center of Chengdu new century 8 minutes, be apart from Chengdu train north to stand only 20 minutes; With Sichuan city of computer of province natatorium, century lies between market phase to look; With Sichuan square of square of computer of number of center of cure of university China Western medicine, Chengdu, Chengdu world computer, 100 heads collect computer square, Sichuan to save gymnasium neighbor. Guesthouse periphery distributings those who have more than 30000 square metre is good shop more again supermarket, card gets stuck, city of new century film, garden film city, border fierce Hou ancestral temple, look at the scenery such as river building park scenic spot area. Hua Xibin house is the your travel, good choice that has business affairs activity.
Practice was decorated 2007 1990
Address: One annulus of area of Chengdu fierce Hou south the road 3 paragraphs add 1 13 numbers
Postcode: 610041
Room amount () : 150
Surroundings: Visit river park

Price of room retail sales bed of this breakfast of net discount price broadband
Luxurious room RMB 480 RMB 188 double early big / double part has
RMB 380 RMB 198 of room of business affairs standard double early double bed is free

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