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Assist characteristic old store solves manpower resource problem
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Special zone government supports of purpose this bay characteristic food old store, and chamber of commerce of combination of Macao catering trade also is rolled out " characteristic of small miniature food is old in assist inn plans " , will dial endowment 20 million, accept manage 10 years or the above, Macao food old store that accords with 6 application condition to wait applies for to aid financially, upper limit does not exceed 200 thousand. Chen Zewu expresses, hope government has tilt policy is taken care of in old store of small look forward to, the adverse effect that compounds shortage of resource of Benshangsheng, manpower in order to overcome put together. When Chen Zewu combines chamber of commerce to hold party of gam of 2008 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day by Macao catering trade at yesterday sunrise banquet, express, because raw material is in short supply, price inflation, this bay catering trade is in the management of two many months is medium in the past, gross profit dropped a few percent. He points out, uptodate market presence cannot control a gender, the government can raise market of food raw material to manage diaphaneity, remove rig, coordinate the much conduit of supply of goods actively to enter, augment raw material supplies stability with maintaining the market. Chen Zewu hopes governmental authorities can coordinate concerned businessman adequately, undertake guidance with respect to conduit of replenish onr's stock, in order to because the formalities such as license plate, storehouse, wholesome quarantine affects situation of replenish onr's stock,decrease, the raw material that avoids to contain epidemic is entered bay. In view of manpower resource scarcity, cost increase sharply, manage the case that increases difficulty for what catering trade did not come, special zone government already planned to dial contributive source assist small look forward to is old in catering trade inn. Chen Zewu expresses, hope government has tilt policy is taken care of in old store of small look forward to, in order to overcome kind this is adverse influence. He thinks, as a result of occurrence shortage of uptodate manpower resource, of a few catering trade in the dilemma that old store faces small look forward to to be less than worker hard start business please. The condition that Chen Zewu suggests the government is inputted with respect to the service and certificate are dealt with it is certain to give tilt policy, or offer application to the government with the name of chamber of commerce, in order to reduce the process that a few merchant cannot understand. He says again, chamber of commerce of catering trade combination also can give aid to in this part small look forward to, but should hold to former some " regular " .

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