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Author: Zhang Meijiang of big public house of Yangzhou new century

2, aggrandizement employee is formal and cultural, build " guests feel at home " hotel atmosphere

Serving quality is the lifeline of the hotel, the high quality that should realize a hotel serves, the public house that employee has high level is formal it is an extremely crucial factor, accordingly, hotel controller must devote oneself to to foster employee civilization courtesy, the primary quality of gentle adn cultivated. This one primary quality is one of measure that weigh training of ethics of hotel staff profession, labour is opposite the member that reflected a hotel not only basic attitude of the client and esteem degree, more reflected spiritual civilization of a country and ethical culture culture. Can say, any success hotel, necessarily one support the employee team that has Gao Shui to allow formal training.

(One) implementation service is formal as organic as service requirement confluence

Hotel service included the hall, total stage, guest room, dining-room, bar, peace and happiness to wait, having a certain number of work station, the service requirement of post because of post duty different and different. For example: The member that the hall welcomes guest greets the client that sends each pass in and out the hotel in the gate when, must accomplish bouncy, enthusiasm to expert; The member that square ensures public security is in direct car, when welcoming client inquiry, must patient, accurate; When total stage serves personnel to welcome a customer, should accomplish not only " deal with, recieve another, after accost " principle, accomplish cordial ground to serve for each clients even, when this hotel already when repletion, want to help a client actively recommend other public house, when welcoming a customer, want to had managed the record of this client seriously, so that client once more when presence can inflict specific aim serves; Guest room serves personnel to want to provide sweet, comfortable, appropriate living atmosphere for the client, make its body result arrives to rest adequately. Be like Korean have " be disgusted with happy sheet double " consuetudinary, reason chooses a room to must avoid to arrange even numbers room for Korea client... hotel management asks employee general service is formal ask to undertake organic confluence with the service, the smile service and Gao Shui allow formal training perforative at serving whole process, the public house that follows with Gao Shui is formal the whole that shows a public house serves a level.

Although hotel staff serves post to differ, but to the hotel, each employee are in the process that provides a service for the client, wanting those who get to let a client feel is the convenient, halcyon, warmth that the hotel offers for its, safety and systemic heart enjoy, make the customer comes from time to tome " guests feel at home " feeling, from from time to tome " guest goes thinking of return " read aloud.
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