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From " the Yangtse River 7 " the path that servantchooses a person for a job to
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It is reported, " the Yangtse River 7 " show half month Asia to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to already was amounted to 200 million 90 million, astral father confirmed his powerful box-office appeal force again.

The author has seen the movie yesterday, feel the circumstances is very general, acrobatics also nothing more than " kongfu " a road in, the performance that the star as form of a address for an official or rich man alters dozen of close affection card, still do not take off piece " Zhou Xing gallop " Fan Shi, what give prize exclusively is little bit young woman " son " Xu Jiao's performance, make a person surprizing. Little girl strings together a star to a form of a address for an official or rich man instead " son " , lovely to extremely, and be little boy is lovely, see the sign of the girl in be less than reality completely.

Good actor can save show, " Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer " if do not have Zhang Guorong, if have Zhang Fengyi only the director of the performance of the very hard and go ahead of the rest of old paean concept, cannot accomplish absolutely " two sides the movie with 3 ground the most excellent collaboration " .

Astral father chooses the actor's ability to let my gasp in admiration all the time, although there is no lack of big shop sign, dan Zhangbai Zhi, Zhao Wei, Huang Sheng is depended on... each does not calculate clique of the ability that perform, arrive in his play, can develop properly however. Huang Sheng is depended on is a vase only probably, but there should be tear in her eye, raise that lollipop when coming, I dare say to do not have other any vases can be deduced so truely.

Say so, the talent wants fractionize, want not stick to one pattern. The vase has what concern, calculate other scenario yellow emperor to depend on act not to rise, want her to be able to behave this one camera lens only enough, and this camera lens, only she can have been behaved.

The hotel servantchooses a person for a job, also this so meticulous ability is.

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