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The guest escapes account losing avoid
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The circumstance that 1. antechamber ministry must ensure era raises ready money is carried out strictly by the system

Of 2. lodger enter the formalities that register to must be dealt with seriously. , in order to master important data of the guest, for example the guest's full name, address, identity document number

3. is like those who produce suspicion to escape account guest, security personnel ministry must inform old hall of assistant manager or day careful manager immediately, make the hotel can be adopted immediately answer the action in order to recover bills due

Ministry of 4. guest room each floor foreman at daily special attention is needed when undertaking the room is arranged the guest deposits the baggage circumstance inside the room, if hair is existing and OK,case needs assistant manager of instant Xiang Datang to communicate, by old hall assistant manager and day careful manager research handles way

The credit that follow-up informs by day careful manager after 5. is big assistant manager is in charge of executing every holiday and ferial office time controls the job

Manager of 6. day careful often must notice " exceed credit forms for reporting statistics " metabolic circumstance takes effective measures in time with control customer account owe a form

7. often checks the room of antechamber ministry and guest room ministry sells the loss that state report forms produces with avoiding a likelihood

Manager of 8. day careful establishs client blacklist record in system of computer of responsible and advanced office, add newest data according to actual condition

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