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Chamberlain of Chinese style of hotel new idea shows a body 3 inferior
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This year 3 inferior the Spring Festival is prosperous, it is a characteristic with elaborate government, be characteristic with house culture " Chinese style stewards " the hotel serves new pattern, show a body 3 inferior inferior Long Wan goes vacationing 5 numbers villatic hotel, become this year one of the Spring Festival the biggest sell a site.

"Chinese style stewards " close service

"Flower type stewards " traceable royalty of 18 centuries England, work with its sex of the careful and meticulous, high quality scales that holds multiple profession concurrently to become a kind to be famous in the whole world personally, mark serves mode. "Phenanthrene commission serves " come from Philippine advanced homemaking to serve namely, they are literate, know English, enjoy " on the world the most professional baby-sitter " beautiful praise.

According to inferior Long Wan goes vacationing 5 numbers Mr Wang Jun introduces villatic hotel president, general manager, this year the Spring Festival, the hotel is in " flower type stewards " and " phenanthrene commission serves " on the foundation, absorb 19 centuries of Chinese the marrow of the mode of traditional chamberlain service of house of 20 time rich and powerful family, link the main demand that the characteristic of hotel villa layout and guest go vacationing, roll out class of house type, 5 stars " Chinese style stewards " close service.

"Chinese style stewards " basically include private chamberlain, close-fitting baby-sitter, advanced chef and full-time driver at present 4 services content. Hutch of private chamberlain and close-fitting baby-sitter, advanced home, exclusive the driver forms group of a service jointly, private chamberlain basically is in charge of arrangement reaching as a whole other the harmonious job between the job of 3 people and departmental door, at the same time the scheduling of even specific and responsible guest, tourist attraction introduction and constituent party, banquet, buy on sb's behalf the other such as airline ticket entrusts a service; Close-fitting baby-sitter basically is in charge of dish of the daily life of a family of cleanness of daily daily life, cooking, wash clothes (bath) , upright dish pours water, brush shoe, baby nurse, seaside is visited, article is rental, era receives goods, wake up wait for individuation 24 hours close-fitting service; Advanced home hutch is in charge of the high-grade cooking such as banquet of the home inside villa, party, barbecue; Exclusive the driver offers 10 hours of special freely to serve everyday (be restricted 3 inferior) of city area under administration. Additional, guest demand hotel returns the basis to provide the public service such as security personnel, cleaner, gardener, finance affairs on this foundation.

Chinese style chamberlain has sufferred professional training entirely, quality is meticulous and grace of major of tall, service, bearing, spell able, take trouble, within call, the guest can enjoy the service quality of hundreds respond to a single call, nice in a subtle way here.
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