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Who controlled a client about EHR project decision-making?
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Shenzhen travels group HQ company, the manpower resource that carried out B company development 2002 runs a system, expectation application limits is employee of chief of branch of controller of manpower resource ministry, high level, function and backbone. This system is the product of C/S framework, namely the client is carried / server framework, manpower resource data stores on a server and manage, the computer that visits this server must install B software respectively, ability is used later. Because this software designs the limitation when in product function, after the system is installed, discover, the function of chief of branch of tall canal, function and employee application is very weak, cannot support applied need, everybody is very dissatisfactory, used with respect to nobody before long. Remain manpower resource to manage a ministry to use only actually, the management of check on work attendance that arrives simply to use software only, salary extends function. Say exactly, piece of manager that system of manpower resource management is in charge of check on work attendance and salary extending only using. After half an year, piece the manager holds the position of office director from subsidiary of transfer of manpower resource ministry, this system was used without the person again, the manpower resource of HQ group manages informatization die. But piece the story of the manager did not end.

2003, b company rolled out the product of B/S framework, namely browser / the product of server framework, data of client manpower resource unites memory to be in server, the user can be on an any computer that receive a network, open IE browser, input network address can open interface of manpower resource system, input user name and countersign can land a system, consult according to the user attributive of set, editor, amend relevant information. After this product is rolled out, b company had large-scale market activity in many big city, introduce the technical advantage of the product to potential client. To increase conviction, popularize what can invite HQ group every time advise others by using one's own experience of piece of manager Xiang Jiabin, piece the person that the manager became a great success, one's words certain, he introduces resource of B brand manpower to managed software product to bring how enormous client value to the enterprise, this system promoted HQ group labor power the efficiency of resource and quality not only, still helped enterprise compose build core competition ability. Piece the look that the manager makes a speech to be able to attract numerous envy every time, make honored guest attending the meeting itch to try. Actually, HQ group presses a root to did not introduce B/S framework product, piece the manager comes on the stage every time and beautiful story because of B company a red bag just.

Advisory flicker. Advisory type sale is in recent years the mode of a kind of sale that sudden popularity rises, in advisory type is sold even if purchasing a process, sale square professional is acted purchase square advisory part, understand the client's real requirement, offer satisfactory solution for the client, create value for the client, make a client make what suit one's own side more purchase thereby decision-making. In informatization industry, adviser is acting very important role, they are the professional communication bridge between development business and client. From the point of client angle, informatization is look see but feel the colossus that does not wear, involve subject of much major of much technology domain, the client uses the experience that accumulates when differentiating common consumable very hard, will differentiate informatization product successfully, the client must comprehend the general picture of informatization product through professional adviser, adviser is professional personage, can tell a client what the product is not only, what is the real requirement that understands a client even, between judgement product and client need match a gender, put forward to whether implement the proposal of project of this information product for the client, help client is made purchase decision-making. Can say, without advisory help, the client brushs a shoulder with this product necessarily and pass, even if this product is,suit a client most.
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