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Raises meal uses worker worker as before thirsty
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"Wages increased, labor intensity was reduced, still can not enrol a person. " 24 days midday, a section of a highway of ancient stockaded village of alive prosperous highway inside one restaurant, busy " waiter " hostess seedling lady tells a reporter, after the Spring Festival passes, a clerk inside her inn also was not enrolled.

The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, clerk shortage circumstance is recently in company of service of meal of our city each size particularly outstanding, doorway of a lot of hotels, cafeteria is stuck piece " high pay sincere hire " placard, but use worker worker " thirsty " still unintelligible definitely.

Go up salary raises wage, still enrol a clerk hard

"The clerk helps temporarily, without experience, excuse more please! " 22 days, in high skill area inside public house of a seafood, " clerk " on the coat with the brand-new person that sprinkle food boiling water not carefully to repast, inn boss finishs before going up, ground of gentleman busy incessantly apologizes.

Finish the gentleman says, because do not enrol a person, inside inn " clerk " the kin that having an in part is him and family, a little close friend takes out the free time outpace after coming off work midday technically even to help. Because groom without the course, these come alive since person doing ham-handed, careless mistake is ceaseless, it is trouble letting a person very.

What refer enrols a clerk is not easy, finish gentleman one face is helpless. He says, to enrol satisfactory clerk, his it may be said is spent pains, it is the wage that raises a clerk above all, the clerk inside his inn 1000 yuan of base salary increase every month wine water deduct a percentage from a sum of money, the salary lowest of every month also can achieve 1200 yuan; Shorten again next work time, cancelled previously from the system that does evening early, execute in rotation, each every Nature's engineering makes time do not exceed 8 hours at most. But although such, after the Spring Festival passes, he still did not enrol a clerk.

When the reporter takes a bus to pass Qingdao road, culture grade, see, on the way before door of a lot of hotels, restaurant paste advertisement of clerk of invite applications for a job. Open the hand of snack inn newly for complement, the paste before be engaged in meal managing old Ms. Zhang to also be located in the hotel of classics warden peak in her job announcement, giving service personnel to open the base salary that give is 800, 1200 yuan.

Ms. Zhang tells a reporter, understand according to her, compared with all round the pay pay of woman worker of supermarket, factory, the salary that the service personnel of her hotel takes is taller. "Base salary increases wine water deduct a percentage, the clerk monthly pay of our inn is in 1000 yuan, 1400 yuan or so. " accordingly, she thinks, meal course of study hires difficult reason is not pay pay low.
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