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Specific service expends hotel collection unexpectedly price of tower above form
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Mr Yin of Shenyang is in 3 inferior inferior hotel of Long Wan holiday booked 72 guest room, relevant matters concerned dealt with both sides to confirm letter. After a few months, the hotel just informs Yin the gentleman says to need to add suddenly close " specific service is expended " , and this charge compares tower above of normal house price unexpectedly fourfold much. A few days ago, mr Yin already entrusted a lawyer to sue this hotel to the court.

As we have learned, come by Feburary 2007 at the beginning of March, mr Yin passes website of government of whole world of holiday hotel group, with best flexibility the price is booked 3 inferior inferior guest room of hotel of Long Wan holiday, aggregate 291 evening in all 72 rooms. At that time, the hotel just is opposite of Mr Yin had something made to order beforehand entirely affirm, affirm 11 to case is reached affirm number sends the mailbox to Mr Yin with email form, yin Di offers what international credit card serves as afore-mentioned booking to assure, proof both sides already booked the relevant matters concerned such as room time, price to reach consistent, formed contract concern.

In April 2007, the hotel just sends case to say to Mr Yin, service fee will be in during the Spring Festival tone goes up somewhat on the foundation at ordinary times, say to be met at the appointed time collection other is specific service charge. In November 2007, hotel general manager sends case to claim to Mr Yin through express delivery, basis of collection of specific service fee is the directive price of the special period that local government publishs in Spring Festival around.

On December 31, 2007, the hotel books a hair to case to say to Mr Yin, specific service expends rate already formulate. Mr Yin sees add close " specific service is expended " after amount special astonish, because this charge compares normal house price actually,return quadruply much. Normal house price should is three, but light is now " specific service is expended " be about to give in one. Then, mr Yin rejects to pay this fee.

On January 7, 2008 afternoon, the hotel just talks things over in both sides not below the circumstance of fruit, contract of tear to shreds of one-sided of do sth without authorization, had something made to order its beforehand entirely cancel.

A few days ago, 3 inferior after court of circuit of travel of court of city outskirts of a town obtains the indictment of Mr Yin, the decision makes before appealing to, be mediated first. Via spot judge mediation, bilateral intercessory apiration difference is bigger, judges decide to undertake investigating first subsequently, the mediation with farther redo.

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