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The United States adds restaurant job energy-saving environmental protection res
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The group of investigation group of Chinese hotel trade that by deputy secretary-general of Chinese restaurant association Li Jianjun heads 17 people went to the United States, Canada to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation communicating at will coming 15 days on November 1. The investigation group adds restaurant in the beauty during course of study makes an on-the-spot investigation, the key inspected industry of two countries hotel to be in the job of respect of green, energy-saving, environmental protection, undertook be discussinged extensively with respect to this problem with the hotel industry person of the same trade of two countries, accepted a hotel of field of management of energy-saving environmental protection groom. The investigation group is passed make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, there was more intimate knowledge in respect of green, energy-saving, environmental protection to foreign hotel industry, acquired a lot of advanced concepts and advanced technology to answer from which. .

The United States adds in the particular way of green, environmental protection, energy-saving respect:

The investigation group is fastened in economy of business affairs of branch department of California university los angeles accepted a hotel management of energy-saving environmental protection grooms, undertook communicating with a few professors of California university. According to introducing, los angeles area has 2000 1000 hotels, motel and 1750 B/B(to offer breakfast and bed only, bed Breakfast) . In the hotel energy-saving go up with environmental protection, each hotel basically is in guest room machine parts or tools kept in reserve, with report, undertook hard with the respect such as water.

Above all, in respect of guest room machine parts or tools kept in reserve, need to deploy according to the guest, avoid waste. Be like free press distribute, by every room in the past, root Ju guest needs instead now, the ability after getting affirmation sends to the room. Some hotels still order the paper that has different language, send to the room according to effective demand of the guest, reduced the use amount of newspaper greatly so. In the use respect of machine parts or tools kept in reserve of guest room other, the hotel of los angeles adopted the need according to the guest to change the means of machine parts or tools kept in reserve, avoided needless waste.

Next, use phone moderately according to demand. Each hotel is in los angeles area managing the first work that attends with report is to use energy-saving bulb, only this one but managing not little electric energy, the 2nd be move air conditioning temperature to 20 degrees or so, proper can.

The 3rd it is to use a variety of means managing with water. Each hotel basically takes los angeles area improve shower shower nozzle and commode cistern, aerate inside conduit wait for fashion division water. In section water respect, the government still is passed make policy, guide water of people red-letter day. For instance the government stipulates lawn is in 8, cannot water during 16 o'clock prevent to evaporate wasteful, the garden must cultivate ability of this locality flowers and plants to get the policy of the government that reduce tax with grass. At the same time water cost executes a flight of stairs to go forward one by one make, water consumption is bigger, water cost is higher, enjoy the privilege that low water expends conversely. Every gallon is expended in the water of lowest of California water consumption just 0.3 dollars, every gallon that Gao Shui estimates can amount to 2.3 dollars, on any account differs multiple. Cost of water of high specified number makes an enterprise pay attention to section water measure to use more. California university used boiler circulation energy-saving system, water of late admiral loop is cooling, by day reuse this water uses as drop in temperature, in order to achieve the result of report of section water section. In California at present hotel of a lot of guesthouse uses the energy-saving means of circular water. In the meantime, los angeles had used solar energy technology before 22 years, the adoption of this technology also made very large contribution for environmental protection job.
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