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Cheng of intelligent architectural weak electrician -- talk about Shanghai desig
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Project of weak report of keyword intelligence construction is public ground connection of power source of wiring of structuralization of monitoring of fire alarm of phone of broadcasting television paging

Measure level of urban architectural modernization, architectural designs configuration and intelligence to change is two main fields. Intelligent architectural is weak electric system is main by the following each system composition:

(System of 1) communication network; (2) OA system; (3) builds equipment supervisory system; (4) fire calls the police automatically reach linkage to control a system; (5) public safety is on guard system; (System of 6) structuralization wiring; (Power supply of 7) weak report reachs ground connection system.

Intelligence builds the jumping-off place that weak report project designs, answer to be platform in order to build, deploy each function system, provide the environmental space with a reasonable, efficient, comfortable, convenience investment for people, in order to get used to need of current and contemporary architectural. From specific design, should from intelligent architectural real property sets out, mature owner asks with all sorts of functions of the person that use, make the design can be on total construction as far as possible modern, on the technology advanced and practical, economically reasonable, need to consider intelligence to build each system at the same time but compatibility and expansibility.

10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers of Shanghai are big hotel, be located at new developed area of Shanghai rainbow bridge, it is the hotel of 5 stars class that collect guesthouse, exhibition hall, office is an organic whole. Its cover an area of a face to accumulate 22 thousand much square metre, floor area 40 thousand much square metre. The hotel is 8 tall, underground 2. A of cent of whole public house, B, C paragraph 3 parts, its AB paragraph for part of layer of hotel old hall, guest room, c paragraph reach office building share for the exhibition hall.

The following, with respect to Shanghai big public house of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers loses the partial system of electrical engineering Cheng: System of system of the system of public broadcasting notify sb of a phone call in communication network system, community antenna television, in-house and wireless paging, telephone communication system; Fire calls the police automatically reach linkage to control a system; Public safety is on guard the closed-circuit television monitoring system in the system, guard against theft calls the police system and garage management system; Structured wiring system and weak report power supply and ground connection system talk about his to design.

System of notify sb of a phone call of 1 public broadcasting

System of hotel broadcast notify sb of a phone call divides 2 kinds, it is to face public division (be like old hall exhibition hall, the hotel serves area to wait downstage) public system, undertake background music broadcasts at ordinary times, can be by switch when fire or emergency urgent broadcast, 2 it is the broadcasting system that faces office conference area and garage area (wait to want to install) of professional broadcast equipment alone in a few special section and shindig hall.
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