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Living at home travel guide: bottle house drunk Sichuan Tour
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Throughout China, geographical liquor, not difficul t to find the hinterland of Sichuan in China gathered a large number of wines. Apart from the spicy hot pot, Sichuan tea fresh, the beauty of Emei, Jiuzhaigou magic, best embodies the essence of the land of abundance and liquor still. Character Sichuanese hot, hard, courage, wisdom and liquor that are all in alcohol, fragrance, spicy, and the aftertaste of the wine inside.

Dukang north, south, Wu Liang, history dates back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Sichuan, thousands of years of culture, customs have to dissolve in chilly, drinks in Hong intoxicated. And liquor, the most famous "Six Golden Flowers": Wuliangye, Luzhou, Langjiu, Tuopai Liquor, Quanxing Daqu, Jiannanchun. Coincidentally, the "Six Golden Flowers" link geographical location, just a bottle shape. The liquor Sheng out, because the rich abundance here, and pleasant weather, coupled with the Department of liquor by the plant are also all over the wine sites, workshops, bringing numerous landscape, naturally, put together a tour of a natural drink Sichuan tourist routes.

Bottle: Mianyang

Local wines: Jian Nan Chun, Feng Valley wine

Mianyang, since ancient times "the rich music town" reputation. Because the occupied Xiu barrier, the history of the battleground. Mianyang is the only science and technology city of China, known as the "West Valley" in the title. The Jiannanchun Valley wine with rich poetry and history makes the Mianyang more known. Tang palace wine, Saatchi Jiannanchun. In the Tang Dynasty, prosperous businesses, Mianzhu mature winemaking skills of the birth of "Jian Nan Chun burning" Tilting hand. This is the only official history of the Sichuan loaded wines, is now the only surviving Chinese Tang Dynasty wines, wine culture is the history of Mianzhu a remarkable achievement. Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty in 1682, a bumper harvest season, days of our ancestors settled in Mianyang Wang Feng Gu sent to Fullerton Square as the main burn, merge several workshops, the establishment of the predecessor of HSBC HSBC Valley Valley Wine God Bless burned Square. Relationship with wine has a regret and Shixian Li Bai, also go out from this land.

Traveler TIP:

1, the wine link: Cultural Tour Jiannanchun liquor

Jiannanchun liquor History Museum: The museum is sponsored by the Jiannanchun liquor company specialized museum, in the November 9, 2003 completed, the museum covers an area of 1,000 square meters, sub-sequence and the Office of part of the main exhibition hall 2 The main collection and display of Chinese wines Jiannanchun related documents and historical artifacts, more than 400 pieces of cultural relics on display. Address: Mianzhu Chun Yi Road 289.

Jiannanchun Wine Shop Site: Located outside the West Chengguan Zhuge Mianzhu Temple, tea tray Street, board roller Singapore Street and both sides were from northwest to southeast line distribution. Starting from the Temple of Zhuge northwest, southeast corner Ma arrived to the king, about 500 meters, 240 meters wide, with a total area of about 120,000 square meters. Junction to the board from five southern end of King Street, Ma alley, about 260 meters, 240 meters wide range, both in the Qing Dynasty brewery area, is now the first Jiannanchun wineries producing region. Unearthed relics excavated more than 200 pieces, mainly pottery, porcelain, the shape mainly bowls, plates, dishes, cups, pressing hand cups, spoons, spittoon, cans, pots and so on. A small number of stone tools, silverware and coins. Dominated by blue and white porcelain. Artifacts in a large proportion of wine, including wine glasses and wine pot, the site reflects the Wine Shop "shop in front Square" the salient features.

No benefits old days: "the old days of interest number" brewery is located 33 Mianzhu board Street, site of the ancient brewery is Jiannanchun living heritage sites in the Wine Shop for Jiannanchun traditional workshop area where the winery. Statistics research shows that the early years of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Zhu Yu in this run Okuma workshops. Since then there have been Yang, white, Zhao opened three Daqu Square, forming concentrated areas west of the city brewery. The mid-80s of last century has been unearthed in the underground Southern Qi "Sun Life five years" in the Annals of bricks and wine with the same period in kind, these relics dating back 1,500 years, wine culture for research Mianzhu an extremely important role.

Passed down the extension of the "old days of interest number" in the brewing operation is still purely manual operation, where the wine master who used the ancient and traditional production tools - Wine steamer, clouds dish, chicken bus, the sun fence, yellow barrels of wine ... ... in which there is Wells, a Qing Dynasty, Ming Dynasty tank views the Qing Dynasty wooden tag Daqu Square, Mubian and so on. These well-preserved traditional brewing tools are still used in some modern Jiannanchun brewing process. It can be said, "No. days old Yi" is the number of so-called integrity of the ancient pits can not be compared, it is worth a visit.

2, peripheral Recommended Tour

Mianyang 1 at a Glance

Science City Hometown → → Xiqiang LI Bai Yuan Wangdong nine scenic spots of Huangshan

Take 53 Road in Mianyang city, 54 road, 905 bus to reach the view of Science City Hall. Mianyang Science City is also Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics Science and Technology Museum, entitled "National Treasure" reputation, will result in Mianyang Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics has been called the "Science City." "Space Entertainment tunnel" is open to high-tech experience and feel the wonders of space walk as the highlight of the tourism and entertainment projects, and its shape is like the space shuttle's return to space. Tickets: Tickets for thirty yuan Science and Technology Museum, space entertainment wind tunnel 150. Subsequently, the Mianyang, China and Pakistan can take home to the Bai Ching Lin, a journey of about 40 minutes, in Qinglian can visit the former residence of Li Bai; from Qinglian by 7 bus to Jiangyou city, you can go to King's Road, a street snack in Hexi lunch problem solving; walk or take a bus to the Li Bai Memorial; the next can take a bus to the reception center Yuanwang Dong Yuan Wangdong, fares by 5 per month, can also go to 79 teams car station to Pingwu the car, the car will pass Yuanwang Dong Scenic Area.

Panoramic Tour of Mianyang 4

D1: Science City → Leshan → seven Fu Shan Temple

Morning visit to the Science City and the rich Leshan Scenic Area. Leshan is located in Mianyang City, Fu 2 kilometers east of the city, take the bus up to 46 tickets 5 yuan. Fu Furong Leshan Scenic Area from the close in Seoul, where the concentration of Mianyang Area gourmet, there are many famous hotel in there for lunch. Seven mountain temple in Zitong County, Mianyang Fule station has to Zitong car, a bus about 10 minutes, fare 16 yuan, about 40 minutes. Get off the bus after a direct seven mountains. If the taxi would not normally hit the table, from the county to seven mountain temple of 10-15 million, the temple during the more expensive, about 20 million. Many local hotels for accommodation, the price ranging from 50 and 200. When holidays or during the festival to book in advance, because the temple's incense very strong, to many people. Seven tickets for 40 yuan Hill, Temple period (first day to the fifth annual Lunar New Year in February and August, first day to the fifth) to 10 yuan.

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