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Shangri-La Hotel Nanchang Honggutan settled
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December 17, from Fortune 500 companies invested in Hong Kong's Kerry Group, Shangri-La Hotel Jia Linan Chang and integrated development projects in Honggutan New foundation to start. Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Yu Xinrong Nanchang started issuing orders, Zhu Hong, deputy governor attended the groundbreaking ceremony, and a common foundation for the project started. As the world's top 500 enterprises in the Hong Kong Kerry Group, the diversified investment after decades of development, hotels, real estate, oil, beverages, and other fields have achieved remarkable achievements, hotels and real estate operations in the foreign and domestic cities, forming a unique "hotel + property + apartment + office + commercial" multi-functional integrated development model. Currently has 69 hotels, rooms inventory of over 30,000. The investment and construction in Nanchang, the Shangri-La hotel complex, is a five-star hotels, office buildings, commercial, residential in one of the high-end urban complex with a total construction area of 28 thousand square meters. Shangri-La Hotel will be built in Nanchang in two phases, one phase of the project including 319 luxury rooms and is expected to open in 2013. New hotels will provide self-service restaurant, specialty restaurants, bars and other assorted food and beverage outlets, and 1,800 square meters with a grand ballroom, function rooms such as banquet and meeting facilities, and indoor swimming pool, fitness center and beauty salon and other leisure facilities. Shangri-La Hotel's entry and put into use, will further improve the function of supporting Honggutan New District, Nanchang, promote the development of modern service industry.

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