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The hotel is the deadline to leave the customer suddenly prices
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"Stay close to half a month thousands of love art hotel, the hotel suddenly told to raise prices, if not accepted within the specified time to be out." Recently, Nanchang public complaints to this newspaper in Wang Yangming East Road, Nanchang, near the thousands of love Art Hotel. ◎ customers: Check hotel prices suddenly Ms. Wang told reporters Nov. 14 at noon, she and her lover to stay thousands of love art hotel. "Stay, mini-price single room 158 yuan / day." In the meantime, they are more than 3,000 yuan after fees to the hotel as room charges, deposit. December 6, front desk staff suddenly informed that the December 9 to 11 National Drug Fair will be held in Nanchang, the other customers in advance to book a room, and thus to enhance the room price, Ms. Wang, who is required to December 9 has to move out. ◎ Hotel: to do so can continue living increase In this regard, Nanchang thousands of hotel marketing department Mr.Huang love art, said Ms. Wang, who stay, he had verbally indicated that they might continue to live until December 8, but no clear and specific deadlines. In her view, the hotel will be on December 7 full price, but they did not cost so overcharged customers. If Wang is willing to continue to live, according to the latest price of 288 yuan / day payments, meaning the hotel did not drive away customers. ◎ Law: The two sides agreed unknown Jiangxi-dimensional law firm Tao Xiaoquan that Ms. Wang and the thousands of agreement between the love of art hotel is not clear, if the daily settlement to the way Ms. Wang continued to live, then there is no fixed deadline in the case, the hotel can raise prices. In the case of the same price, Ms. Wang has the priority right to choose. Hotel reservations may not be refused on the grounds Wang other customers continued to live. Taoxiao Quan pointed out that only Ms. Wang and thousands of love art hotel written agreement lease term, be required within the agreed period the hotel will be allowed to raise prices.

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