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Try the financial management that discusses hotel running stores
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Try the financial management that discusses hotel running stores

The hotel of new start business should purchase other people of many low cost easy cost, things of tableware of the Western-style food in be like, guest room. And ceaseless complement also needs after the hotel runs period of time a few running stores. Although the value of running stores not as good as fixed assets, but its demand is huge, the amount is far get more than fixed assets much. How does hotel finance affairs manage good running stores?

After running stores is purchased, processing of accounting credit Wu should concern the processing principle of accounting system according to the country, its value preexistence " running stores " account report, get handle with junior travel amortize, if use " 55 " amortize law, amortize law and amortize a law to wait, the author thinks or amortize by the up time of running stores for beautiful, can make so the charge of the hotel more hasten rationality. If the use time of metalware is longer, the use time such as china is shorter etc should distinguish one by one, undertake by deadline amortize is handled. After running stores is gotten to use, if the meeting such as tableware is deposited,each corner waits in meal floor and kitchen, the meeting such as guest room things and cloth grass is deposited in floor room and workshop, reserve to be able to be deposited partly in storehouse. If these stock do not have the financial management on science, time grows, as get increase what use batch ceaselessly and ceaseless loss, its breed and amount are storing the ground can become not Anacreontic gradually, pure according to * " running stores " account already cannot monitoring and understand them to be in what use a department each to put an amount, below mix with respect to grass of cloth of dinner service of food of Chinese and Western, guest room things and the financial management that reach 3 sides such as employee uniform talk about a law:

(The financial management of dinner service of food of 1) Chinese and Western

The tableware variety that floor of dining room of food of Chinese and Western and kitchen get is various, norms diversity, price difference is very big, if value of some bullion household utensils are as high as 1000 yuan of above, pottery and porcelain spoon is low to only a yuan many, the price is comparative extraordinary wide gap. Like us hotel dinner service has more than 400 kinds, the amount has more than 60000, distributing to deposit dot and corner in each of floor, kitchen and storehouse. If every months of check comes to * the amount that checks all sorts of dinner service, come accuracy sells at a discount greatly, 2 come its loss number and loss reason unknown, this is not a kind of scientific management method. As administer the equipment that the financial personnel of meal ministry business accounting should install tableware respect is auditorial, cooperate " running stores " the government that account has classify to tableware. When dining-room every get a batch of running stores when, by its the name of an article, norms, amount, unit price and amount undertake registering, make increase processing. When end check produces loss that month, should check in equipment account is made reduce processing. Should discover loss is bigger, when having unusual case, should prove a cause, investigate the duty of party. Because the hotel is daily tableware pass in and out is frequent, and breed is various, equipment is auditorial and so best undertake installing with storehouse computer software, in order to decrease numerous crowded Kang Chang's handiwork works, when the material that manages layer or meal ministry to need this respect when the hotel so, can in time the ground and the information that reflect this side well and truly to them, the repetition that shuns dinner service is purchased and increased cost cost of the branch, or create dinner service of a certain breed be in short supply and the influence is run daily.
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