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How to install orgnaization of business income business accounting
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How to install orgnaization of business income business accounting

The hillock of orgnaization of business accounting of travel restaurant business income defends setting, personnel to deploy, of the element such as demand of the building dimensions that subordinating relation and duty third limits want to suffer travel restaurant, portfolio, government restrict, different condition opens orgnaization of different business income business accounting.

The orgnaization of business income business accounting of small-sized travel restaurant puts in antechamber department administration 's charge normally, this kind of course of action is to get used to brigade 崐 to swim of restaurant characteristic, the small-sized travel restaurant of 100 guest room is not worth in, because its service project is lesser, portfolio of checkout of chalk it up, 崐 still can't delimit it departure comes alone. There also is the division of labor of very detailed 崐 like the job of clerk of total information desk. Be in charge of recieving already, ask, open a room, be in charge of chalk it up, checkout again, change, a variety of jobs such as audit. 崐 namely from build bill, pass consumptive information, to all guest ledger such as chalk it up, checkout the job is in charge of by clerk of total information desk, such information are delivered fast, occurrence problem can get in time settlement. Do business as a result of restaurant of small 崐 travel at the same time the site is little, and the portfolio of business site also small, do not establish the receiver of full-time commonly, and 崐 is replaced by the foreman clerk of business site.

Large and medium-sized general and attributive financial department manages the orgnaization of business income business accounting of travel restaurant, such as a result of large and medium-sized project of travel hotel service is more, workload also big, business income source is much, administrative range is wide, the staff member of so total information desk needs to undertake detailed division of labor, due and technical staff is in charge of the job such as chalk it up, checkout, wait for chalk it up, checkout a series of of branch of finance affairs of gathering job put under responsible, the 崐 that can make sure guest consumes information so is delivered in time, undertake chalk it up, checkout well and truly. Also the measure that some travel restaurant adopt administration and business departure to manage, do business namely the administration of income business accounting puts in each 's charge to do business branch, the examination that if antechamber ministry is responsible,is in discipline of personnel appearance appearance, check on work attendance, organization to wait to the checkout of antechamber and management. Business government puts in financial department 's charge, of the working program such as the chalk it up that is in charge of be in to antechamber checkout, checkout, funds on account make, the examine and verify of working content and nucleus and by the vocational training of money staff and assessment. Can assure to enter process of whole from inn service to maintain unified level from guest so. Be in large and medium-sized travel restaurant is in-house, general component is orgnaization of business income business accounting part of the following function:
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