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The problem that restaurant should note to bank loan
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Be versed in to bank loan loan of other finance orgnaization, it is the main channel that at present restaurant builds financing source.

Indebted the only way that managing is all business development, the hotel that builds certain dimensions especially must to bank or loan of other finance orgnaization, borrowing the money of other to undertake management is a kind of favour admittedly, but borrow money to must repay captital with interest, because this also is,have a risk. This kind of risk is the management of oneself on one hand. Still come from social politics economic situation to develop change on the other hand, still come from loan interest rate and exchange rate change, to reduce the risk of loan as far as possible, should note the problem of the following respects.

1, the orgnaization that chooses loan. The in principle of a few commercial banks of our country can think the construction of travel restaurant offers capital construction to borrow money. Have among them: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China invests bank, China to build a bank, chinese agriculture bank, chinese transportation bank. Also can obtain loan from foreign money market in addition. Foreign loan has 3 kinds: Namely loan of governmental loan, international finance orgnaization and commercial bank borrow money. Travel company can obtain commercial bank loan only commonly. When seeking commerce to borrow money to abroad, it is good to should choose financial condition, actual strength is abundant, provide a help enthusiasticly for our country modernization, the bank of loan requirement privilege.

2, the currency that chooses loan is planted. The currency that foreign currency loan chooses to borrow money is planted is an important matter. Because actual strength of each country economy is different, development rate difference is very big, bring about all sorts of rate of exchange that lend money to often change, the choice that plants like loan money is undeserved, very great pressure is created to restaurant in the meeting when reimbursement, affect the economic benefits of restaurant. The loan money that place of international money market provides is planted a lot of more phyletic, basically have: Franc of dollar, mark, Switzerland, Hongkong dollar and yen. Choose which kind of currencies, want to stabilize degree to decide according to the currency value of all sorts of moneys. Want to be on the foundation that predicts trends of all sorts of change of monetary exchange rate, the currency with option relatively stable currency value is planted. To reduce the effect that exchange rate changes as far as possible, when money of choice payment for goods is planted, can plant according to the money that pays in construction for the basis, pay what money to borrow money namely what money; When perhaps doing business in the future, consult with some kind of money valuation, lend this kind of money. Because a variety of moneys change exchange rate risk,this is very big, restaurant bears to these financial ventures ability is relatively lesser.
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