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6 kinds of of company financial management effective methods
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Below system of socialist market economy, strengthening financial management is implementation from enlarge denotative reproduction inward contain is dug go the inevitable choice that synergism beneficial transforms, also be the enterprise casts off predicament, realize the has surely way of great progress. How to develop financial management truly the central action in business management, should emphasize had done the following works:

One, the leader takes money seriously to be able to work

What money can work is successful begin the height that leads with the enterprise takes seriously and supporting energetically is not divided. Industry leader wants select thought quality the personnel with strong, high vocational level enrichs heart of good, responsibility financial team, accomplish appoint people by abilities. Want to renew an idea, establishing financial management is the new idea of the core of business management, make company staff especially the value that industry leader knows financial management, enhance financial management consciousness.

2, update knowledge, raise money the business quality of meeting personnel, get used to the requirement of modern business management adequately

Financial management action is developed how, the key depends on financial personnel. Must improve the quality of financial personnel further, financial management personnel should understand accountant business accounting not only, more important is to should be good at conduct financial transactions, how to develop the function of financial management namely. Money is met personnel besides should have solidder professional knowledge, still ask to be familiar with state law, code system, to social environment (include political element, economy element, enterprise element to wait) the observation with have certain and calculate capacity, and have stronger administrative ability.

Should develop the computer adequately to be in the action of accountant business accounting and financial management respect, through using commercial accountant software, make of accountant proof make more normative. Enter an item in an account is seasonable, data is accurate, the system can make accountant etc automatically, participate in the managemant decision of the enterprise with the accountant information of high quality thereby. Accountant report calculates the application that turn to be come true as soon as possible by chalk it up model to management model change, the leap with implementation qualitative financial management laid a foundation.

3, outstanding fund management, compose builds the fund management system that gets used to contemporary industry need

1, the enterprise must establish orderly capital loop mechanism.

Aggrandizement capital consolidates management, concentration attempers, paid use, interior uses settle accounts of capital imitate bank, keep reasonable raise fund structure, be in debt moderately manage, force beg to surrender is low raise fund cost and raise fund risk. Financial department should overcome the phenomenon of credit of small fund of heavy commodity credit, wu seeks the financing credit that keeps good, form borrow -- still -- the benign posture that borrow.
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