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What is is international current " does hotel industry integrate accounting syst
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When speaking of system of accounting of contemporary hotel industry, when involving the restaurant accounting system that runs bloc government to foreign restaurant especially, people can mention alleged international to pass through certainly " hotel industry integrates accounting system " (Unifrom System Of Accounts For The Lodging Industry Hotel) . After all what is " does hotel industry integrate accounting system " ? Why does the system have the active restaurant accounting that the unified accounting system with current job of restaurant of this one international and our home use to distinguish? Make clear these, the contemporary hotel industry that is engaged in conforming closely with international business to us is in not without beneficial for operator.

" hotel industry integrates accounting system " generation

Be in early 1926, association of restaurant of American Newyork city organized an accountant group, the task of this group is design and the financial management system that pursue to suit hotel industry technically, this system is today " hotel industry integrates accounting system " predecessor, english calls at that time " Unifrom System Of Accounts For The Hotel " .

1961, should the restaurant of requirement United States of the member and motel association (the unified accounting system that AH&MA) relegated American accountant association to develop another to suit small-sized restaurant and motel. Later, mirrorred with what the members of American restaurant and committee of motel association financial management covered system in use according to this 1986 1979, be opposite twice early or late its undertook editing from technical level.

1996, restaurant of United States of delegate of association of Newyork city restaurant and motel association (branch of committee of AH&MA) financial management and association of accounting of international hotel industry are opposite jointly " hotel industry integrates accounting system " undertook editing. Did not list committee of technology of association of accountant of bump hotel industry to also share this work. At present people uses " hotel industry integrates accounting system " the achievement that is these constituent coact. Its newest version is American restaurant and motel association (now already more the name is American restaurant and accommodation trade association, namely American Hotel&Lodging Association, abbreviate teachs the 9th revision that the institute issues for AH&LA) .

" hotel industry integrates accounting system " since coming on stage oneself, experienced what carry out nearly 80 years to examine. Each district of alive nowadays bound and harbor, bay, mesa area is used generally. Can saying system of this one accounting is colleagues of foreign hotel industry run below market economy condition, fumble, the system of business accounting of hotel industry accounting that sums up the maturity that come out and financial management mode. because of system of this one accounting professional reach maturity and applicable, just also make its make the accounting system that passes through in industry of current international hotel possibly.
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